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Doggy Daycare

Are you looking for a Pawsome Doggy Daycare in Dubai? Are you looking to improve your dog’s social skills ? Do you ever wonder “is there a doggy daycare near me, that will look after my dog as well as I do ? Well look no further we have the perfect place for you and your pooch !

Your special Doggo will love Doggy Daycare or Puppy Daycare here at Zoomies. We are striving to be the most loved Doggy Daycare in Dubai and we will go that extra mile to ensure that your dog has the most amazing time with us !

Our motto here at Zoomies Doggy Daycare is “Eat, Sleep, Play, Repeat” and your pooch will absolutely love doing all three ! Every Day at Doggy Daycare will be full to the brim with Eating, playing and of course sleeping ! 

Our experienced Team of Dog handlers ensure that dogs are mixed with dogs of a similar size and temperament to ensure everyone is kept safe, whilst having a blast of a time.

We pride ourselves in getting to know each dog that comes to our doggy daycare, and personalizing the service based on each specific dog’s needs and requirements, from how they like to play, how they like to rest, to how, what and when they like to eat. 

Zoomies - Best Dog Hotel Dubai
Zoomies - Best Dog Daycare Dubai

Our “Doggy Daycare” & “Puppy Daycare” Playgroups are designed to ensure that all dogs enjoy a positive play experience that strikes the balance between safety, fun, play and rest. We carefully introduce each dog to the wider pack in a controlled manner to avoid overwhelming any of our slightly more reserved guests, and because of this we have a great track record in safely integrating even the most reserved dogs to our “Doggy Daycare” & “Puppy Daycare” Groups.

Our facility consists of large indoor play areas, and smaller breakout and training rooms. We are a daycare for dogs only, and take no other animals and therefore when we are hiring we simply look to hire dog lovers and dog experts. 

Since opening our doors in June 2022 we have quickly become one of the most loved doggy daycares in Dubai and have a 5 star review on google due our high level of customer service and level of personalized care each dog receives whilst at Zoomies Doggy Daycare Dubai.

At Zoomies we provide free assessments and the first day of daycare is absolutely free, so that you can see how your dog takes to being at Doggy Daycare Dubai. We find that nearly all dogs no matter how nervous some might be initially warm to daycare and settle within a few hours. Even the ones that take a little longer, usually settle after some additional TLC from our “Doggy Care Team”

So if you are looking for a Doggy Daycare in Dubai, why not call our team, we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have relating to your dog, doggy daycare, dog boarding and fill you in about the on-boarding process. We look forward to welcoming you and your pooch to Zoomies Doggy Daycare Dubai !