Zoomies Doggy Daycare

Luxury Transport
Exciting News: Introducing Daycare Transport for Your Pup!

Welcome to our newest service offering: Daycare Transport for your beloved pup! We’ve listened to your feedback and concerns about long journey times and the challenges of Dubai traffic, and we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Furry Travel, bringing you an innovative solution.

Experience the Difference:
  • Swift Journeys: Say goodbye to long commutes! We prioritize efficiency for prompt daycare drop-offs, ensuring your pup gets to daycare without delay.
  • Deluxe Vehicles: Your pup deserves the best! Our vehicles boast plush seating and climate control, providing a comfortable and luxurious ride.
  • Personalized Care: With a maximum of limited dogs per ride, your furry friend receives exclusive attention throughout the journey.
Book Now for Luxury, Comfort, and Convenience!
  • Enjoy seamless door-to-door service, all included in our package.
  • Your dog’s safety is our top priority, ensuring reliable transportation every time.
  • Flexible scheduling tailored to your needs, providing convenience for you and your pup.

Prices Starting From Just 80 AED per Day!

Treat your dog to the luxury they deserve at an unbeatable price! Contact us today to schedule your pup’s ride and experience the difference firsthand.

Catchment Area: Zone 1 & 2

  • Zone 1 (Yellow) – 100 AED
  • Zone 2 (Green) – 120 AED


If you are going to be using the Furry Taxi on a regular basis we will offer the below discounts:

Zone 1 (100 AED per ride)

Zone 2 (120 AED per ride)

These discounts are bought in packages and need to be paid up front. Those credits do not have an expiry date.

Zone 1 (100 AED per ride)

Zone 2 (120 AED per ride)

Booking & Pricing

The above prices do include morning pick-up and evening drop-off. Based on availability, we can also accept only a morning pick-up or evening drop off the same day at half the price.