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Pet Boarding Dubai Pricing

At Zoomies, we offer a variety of pet care services to fit your needs and budget. Our pet boarding Dubai pricing options include our Dog Daycare, Pet Boarding Dubai, Dog Grooming and Dog Training services. Our dog daycare service allows your furry friend to socialise and play with other dogs while being supervised by our trained staff. Our dog boarding service provides a safe and comfortable place for your pet to stay while you’re away and our dog training service will help your pet learn new skills and improve their behaviour. All of our services are priced competitively to ensure that you get the best value for your money. Contact us for more information on pricing and availability.



Per Hour

15 AED

Full Day

105 AED

10 Day Pass

950 AED

20 Day Pass

1800 AED

30 Day Pass

2,550 AED


First dog

Dog Boarding Suite | Peak Season | Less than 15 Nights

145 AED

Dog Boarding Suite | Peak Season | More than 15 Nights

135 AED

Dog Boarding Suite | Off Peak | Less than 15 Nights

125 AED

Dog Boarding Suite | Off Peak | More than 15 Nights

115 AED


Price Per Session

Obedience & Behaviour

350 AED

* Price is for in facility sessions, any home sessions will be subject to additional travel charge.

Doggy Daycare


Dog Grooming

Basic Groom - Small (1-10 KG)

Signature Groom - Small (1 - 10 KG)

Basic Groom - Medium (10-20 KG)

Signature Groom - Medium (10 - 20 KG)

Basic Groom - Large (20-30 KG)

Signature Groom - Large (20 - 30 KG)

Special Offers