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Obedience Training

So you have a new dog or puppy. Congrats! Or maybe you want to train an older dog and you’re wondering what dog training commands are important to teach.

Well you are in luck as dogs of any age can learn dog training commands.  An “old dog” can learn new tricks 🙂 

At Zoomies, we are on a mission to ensure that dogs in Dubai can be the happiest versions of themselves, and that we can empower owners to become perfect canine leaders. We offer both basic and advanced levels of Dog Behaviour Training in Dubai and Dog Obedience Training Dubai.

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What Are Dog Training Commands?

Commands are a way of communicating with your Dog. They help teach them rules and what’s expected of them.

Commands can come in the form of verbal commands or in the form of hand signals. Dogs read our tone and body language.

They can learn many words when taught what they mean. One of my dogs even learned to perform different behaviours for over 170 words.

Why Should I Train My Dog?

Training helps pawrents build unbreakable bonds with their furry best friends. It also clearly helps to teach them what is expected of them and to follow what you say as the pawrent.

Living with a trained dog is a wonderful experience and everyday situations like friends coming to your home, going on a walk or going to a dog park are situations to look forward to as opposed to being avoided. You won’t be dragged down the street. You’ll see your friends more often because they won’t be knocked over when they enter your house. Your Doggo won’t be locked away in another room while you eat and your couch won’t become a giant chew toy.

21 Most Common Commands

As with all training with dogs it takes time and consistency to see results. As an owner it is important that you are willing to invest the time to learn also and continue training after your work with us is done.

A dog by nature requires a strong leader to feel safe and happy and by investing the time in learning the skills you will be ensuring that your dog is living his best life. Dog obedience training is a must for happy pooch, and will ensure they are mentally stimulated as well as physically stimulated.

Proper obedience training will also greatly reduce the likelihood of more serious Behavioural issues with the dog, but should arise the grounding of knowing how to implement obedience training will make behavioural training a much smoother experience 🙂

What Dog Training Commands Do I Need?

Basic commands are essential and will really help your day to day life. As dog trainers, there are certain commands we would highly recommend for every dog such as Attention, sit, stay, leave it and come.

Basic obedience is the foundation on which all future training can happen and gives us the perfect base to prevent or treat more serious behavioural issues such as aggression.