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If You See These Behaviors, Your Dog Might Need a Dog Trainer?

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Dogs are complex creatures; Even though dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years, they still have animal instincts that can sometimes lead to unruly, hostile, and sometimes downright aggressive behaviour. All dogs need Dog Training, whether it’s just a house break or something more severe like teaching them not to nip and bite. How do you know if your dog needs Dog Training in Dubai? Here are five signs it’s time to call a professional.

Your dog won’t come when called.

While it may sometimes seem insignificant that your dog doesn’t come to you when playing outside with his toys, a dog with a poor memory can cause serious problems later in life. Memories are essential not only because you want your dog to come to you when you want to shower him with hugs and affection but also in an emergency. For example, if your dog accidentally leaves your yard and you see him running down the street, if he doesn’t come immediately at your command, you risk having to chase him for hours, and he’s at risk of being hit by a car or worse.

Your dog is aggressive.

Aggression in dogs is, unfortunately, a common behavioural problem and should be addressed immediately. If your dog suddenly exhibits aggressive behaviour without a history of aggression, take him to the vet immediately to rule out any disease or condition that could be causing his behaviour. If your dog’s aggression isn’t due to illness, it’s time to call a professional Dog training facility. Aggressive behaviour can escalate quickly and be very dangerous, regardless of your dog’s size or breed. Untreated aggression can cause your dog to seriously injure someone, resulting in medical bills, lawsuits, permanent injury, or even death.

Your dog jumps at people.

While usually a sign of joy and affection, jumping behaviour is not desirable. Even the biggest dog lovers don’t want their dogs to drop them out of excitement. More importantly, your dog could injure someone with his jump. Professional Dog Training in Dubai can help curb this unwanted behaviour and make your dog much more comfortable.

Your dog can’t rest

Housebreaking is part of basic training, but it’s easiest to do when your dog is young. If you’re adopting an older dog who doesn’t seem to understand that all he has to do is put his paw outside, a professional Dog training facility may be able to help. However, if your dog has been home-trained and suddenly can’t pick him up, make an appointment with your vet to rule out medical conditions, such as bladder or kidney infections, that could make it difficult to carry.

You’re at the end of your tether 

Sometimes, no matter how many dog ​​training books you have read or watched videos, you don’t seem to be making any progress. In dog owner situations, the person most needs training is the owner. Maybe your dog doesn’t see you as the pack’s leader, or your expectations conflict and confuse your dog with what you want from him. In many cases, dog owners are not knowledgeable about adequately training their dogs – that’s okay too! A Dog training facility can help you learn the right (and wrong) way to tell your dog how to behave.

A dog’s training is an essential part of owning a dog. Whether taking an introductory obedience class or dealing with a more serious behavioural problem in your dog, proper training is a responsibility. A well-trained dog makes a happier dog, a happier mother dog, and a happier household overall.