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Complete Potty Training Guide for your Puppy

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Recently become a new fur parent? Let the endless puppy cuddles commence! Their first few days in their new home are filled with endless puppy cuddles and pure delight. Here at Zoomies Doggy Daycare Dubai, we understand the excitement of introducing your new bundle of joy to your home and the frustration of teaching your young puppy the art of toilet training.

These first few days of bonding together are also the best time to introduce toilet training to your new furry pal. 

Let’s dive into the fine art of toilet training; let the experts here at Zoomies dog training facility help you and your pooch succeed. 

When To Start Toilet Training Your Puppy

At Zoomies, our daycare for dogs hub, we believe the right time to begin toilet training your puppy is the moment they enter your home. Just like with other forms of dog training, it’s best to implement guidelines and rules for your little one on their very first day at the new home. This allows your pup to learn what’s allowed and what’s not swiftly and helps to set a benchmark of acceptable behavior.

Methods of Potty Training for Puppies

Let’s dive into the most successful methods of training your puppy that we believe are fundamental here at our Zoomiesdog boarding in Dubai. You must remember that it’s a massive task for your puppy to pick up on, so as fellow pawrents, we need to make the process clear and understandable.

Firstly, your puppy needs to be on a set feeding schedule. By feeding at fixed timings each day, toilet habits will also follow at regular timings. This will give your dog structure and an idea of when your pup needs to go outside to take a dump. 

Secondly, to ensure success in your pup’s toilet training, it’s important to take it outside frequently. It’s necessary to take it outdoors first thing in the morning when it wakes up, after a meal, post naps, and right before bedtime. 

Regular trips and walks will emphasize that the outdoors is the correct place to go. It’s also ideal to bring it to the same spot outside, as this helps to establish a toilet routine during the learning process. 

Rewards are the Best Encouragement for Puppies

Perhaps the most vital part of training your pup is ensuring to celebrate the wins. Praise your dog every time they poop outside, and make it clear that they are doing something correct. This will ensure your pup knows that this behavior is desired. In turn, this will make the little thing want to continue the same behavior in the future. 

Dog training in Dubai can be difficult owing to the hot climate. Ensure the outside ground is cool enough before any precious paws come in contact with the ground. 

Pass Up on Punishments

Though potty accidents at home can be frustrating, you must refrain from punishing your puppy for these actions. Be aware that mishaps will occur throughout the training process. Our fur babies will succeed easily in a positive environment free of punishment.

Be sure to clean up thoroughly after each accident. Dogs are more likely to go within the home if a scent is left from a previous accident. Eliminate those lingering odors!

Look no further if you are searching for a puppy daycare near me. The Zoomies team is here to help you. For any further information (we know the process can be difficult), get in touch and reach out to us. At Zoomies, our team of professional trainers will assist you and your furry friend. Book a free consultation today with our experienced and amicable team of trainers!